Jeremy Paterson

Senior Associate

Jeremy Paterson

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Jeremy Paterson studied Economic History at the University of Leicester and then spent several years in marketing working for agencies near London. At the age of 28, he made the decision to change career and embarked on a law conversion course and LPC at the College of Law in Guildford.

In 2007, he completed a training contract in which he gained experience of civil litigation – an area of law where he found great interest and enjoyment from overcoming unknown challenges.
‘I found great satisfaction in resolving disputes’ he recalls. ‘I enjoy problem solving, simplifying complex issues, and keeping an eye on what really matters to the client’

After qualifying, Jeremy went on to specialise in civil litigation working for another firm in the Portsmouth area before working for a firm in Southampton. He joined Verisona Law as a Senior Associate in its Commercial Dispute Resolution team early in 2016.

‘I’d had my eye on Verisona Law for a while as it appealed to me from both a legal and marketing perspective,’ he said. ‘Verisona Law has positioned itself in a unique way for the local area and it has earned a great deal of recognition for the range of specialist legal services it offers.’

  • 2003 Post Graduate Diploma in Law at The College of Law in Guildford
  • 2004 LPC at The College of Law in Guildford
  • 2005 Training contract with Addison Law in Emsworth
  • 2006 Training contract secondment to Churchers in Fareham
  • 2007 Qualified as a solicitor
  • 2008 Specialised in Civil Litigation at Churchers
  • 2013 Civil Litigation at Driver Belcher in Southampton
  • 2016 Commercial Dispute Resolution at Verisona Law

Jeremy has experience of dealing with disputes in the following areas:-

  • Commercial
  • Contractual
  • Property & Construction
  • Shareholder/Partnerships
  • Landlord & Tenant
  • Intellectual Property
  • Professional Negligence



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