Verisona Law takes Portsmouth's Pulse on EU Debate

In the run up to the UK’s biggest political decision in decades, Verisona Law has taken pride in providing both the forums for and assessment of opinions expressed by Portsmouth’s business and political leaders on the EU Referendum.
In a series of events that took place this month in conjunction with Portsmouth’s local paper, The News, Verisona Law brought together business owners, financial analysts, banking experts and political figures to discuss the issues and implications of the UK either remaining or exiting from the European Union.

Kicking off on 8th June with a public debate in 1000 Lakeside, North Harbour involving representatives from Portsmouth’s University, City Council and local business community, including ‘Business for Britain’ and manufacturers Britten-Norman, Verisona Law went on to host private round table discussions with invited guests to learn what clients and associates were thinking about the impending vote.

‘As a professional services firm, it is important for us to take the temperature on issues as important as the EU referendum,’ says Sue Ball, Director and Head of Employment at Verisona Law, who represented the firm in the discussions. ‘There was overwhelming confidence in the UK’s resilience whichever way the public decide to vote and it was interesting to hear about the business opportunities that could arise from both remaining and leaving the EU.’ 

‘We heard a great deal of frustration about the way business issues had been communicated to the public and,  despite being portrayed as generally in favour of remaining within the EU, it has been very interesting to hear a number of individuals from UK business explain the opportunities they foresee in the event of our leaving.’ 

With concerns raised over campaigning being fuelled by competition for sensational headlines, rather than researched facts that clearly represented and communicated business interests, the key issue was that of uncertainty.

‘People wanted to know, whatever the result, how long will it would take for the economy and markets to stabilise,’ reported Sue.  ‘We listened to a number of interesting theories, but there was no doubt the UK would regain its strength, regardless of the result.’

When asked what preparations Verisona Law has been making for the EU result, Sue admitted initial work had been underway at the firm for some time. ‘In order to look after our clients, we have spent time on strategies for a variety of hypothetical scenarios.  We may not know what lies ahead, but the events this month have helped us prepare so that we can respond quickly and efficiently to any change that may be in store.

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