Utility Point Ltd Staff could be entitled to 90 days’ pay

September 29th, 2021

We understand that staff are at risk of redundancy at Utility Point Limited. If you are an affected member of staff and have been made redundant, or believe you are about to, you may be entitled to a protective award.

What is a protective award claim?

A protective awards claim is a claim that you are entitled to pursue in return for a payment of money if:

  • 20 or more employees in the workplace have been made redundant and;
  • were not consulted with adequately prior to their redundancy.

Your employer must have appointed the appropriate representatives and followed the correct notice requirements and procedure before making staff redundant. This is even the case in events of administration.

A protective awards claim is separate to the usual redundancy claim you will have. So, if you are eligible for a protective award claim, you will have two claims on your redundancy and therefore will receive extra compensation on your redundancy.

If you believe you may be eligible for a protective award claim, or want to know more about your potential claim, contact us today.

How much will my protective award claim pay out?

You could be entitled to the maximum award of 90 days’ gross pay, capped at £544 per week.

In the event that your employer cannot pay your award, do not worry, the government guarantees 8 weeks’ payment under the HM Insolvency Service.

How to start my claim

To start your claim, you must do so three months (less than a day) from the date of dismissal.

Before you issue your claim in the Employment Tribunal, you must first go through ACAS conciliation.

Can I represent myself?

Although, you are entitled to represent yourself, it is strongly advised that you seek legal advice for a protective awards claim. This is because there are various procedural hurdles to go through and the process may be complex. You may need relevant knowledge of the correct case law and legislation for protective award claims. The information in claim forms also needs to be set out in a specific manner in order to maximise the chances of success. Representing yourself may also be quite daunting, so having a lawyer on your behalf, who can do all the work for you, will be significantly easier for yourself.

We can do all the hard work for you to maximise your chances of success, whilst you can get on with your daily activities, free of stress.