Supporting Empurple

March 9th, 2022

On Wednesday 9th March 2022, we are taking part in in this year’s ‘Empurple week’ in a bid to raise money for Haven Wolverhampton, a domestic abuse charity.

Internationally, the colour purple is recognised throughout campaigns as a colour that provides a unified voice to take a stand against domestic abuse.

Domestic violence – the shocking statistics

It’s estimated that 5.5% of the population aged between 16 and 74 have experienced some type of domestic violence within the past year. That ranges from controlling and abusive behaviour such as ‘gaslighting’, through to serious sexual and physical violence that results in hospitalisation or, in some extreme cases, death.

The Crime Survey for England and Wales estimated that in 2019/20, 1.6 million women and 757,000 men were abused by partners. The police responded to over 758,000 domestic-abuse related crimes in England and Wales (excluding Greater Manchester), an overall increase of 9% from the previous year.

However, what is equally disturbing is that there was an overall drop in domestic abuse cases referred to the Crown Prosecution Service of 19%. Of the cases investigated by the Police, 73% resulted in any formal charges being brought, and of the cases that went all the way to court, three-quarters resulted in a conviction. So while numbers of cases went up, CPS referrals, prosecutions and convictions stayed static or even declined.

To make sure that the spectre of domestic violence isn’t simply swept under the carpet, Empurple Week is designed to shine a spotlight on the problem, as well as ensuring that businesses, individuals and communities have ‘that conversation’ – the one that is often incredibly difficult to initiate. It’s designed to promote the services and support groups that are out there to help survivors of domestic violence and to provide victims with a network of organisations that can provide everything from a listening ear to legal support and emergency refuge.

Often, it’s that first step that’s the hardest. Admitting a relationship is toxic or abusive is a difficult conclusion to come to, especially if the survivor still feels that they love their partner and that there’s a chance they’ll change. Unfortunately, abusers rarely change their ways, and what starts as a forceful argument, controlling behaviour, or emotional gaslighting can often escalate into a more serious physical assault.

How we can help

Verisona Law can help you gain redress for abuse. We can provide clear and informative legal advice to ensure you understand the options available to you. We can also help you with redress for both current and historic abuse that might have happened some time ago, by seeking to make a claim to CICA (Criminal Injury Compensation Authority).

Our family team at Verisona Law can assist with the following:

  • Non-molestation order – aims to prevent your partner or ex-partner from using or threatening violence against you or your children. This includes intimidation, harassment and pestering you to ensure the health, safety and well-being of yourself and your children.
  • Occupation order – an occupation order is used to decide on the occupation of a property, which means that one party may be required to leave the family home due to the impact their behaviour is having on the family

At Verisona Law, our family & historic abuse teams are experienced in dealing with cases of domestic abuse. We’ll listen without judging, supporting you and any dependants with no-nonsense advice. If you need help, don’t hesitate. Contact us in complete confidence now, and talk to one of our expert team by filling out the form below or giving us a call on 023 9298 1000.