Support Worker – Graham Gilmour on trial for indecent assault offences – Gregg School and Lakeside School

June 15th, 2015

SUPPORT worker indecently sexually abused two boys while employed at different Hampshire schools, it was alleged.

Graham Gilmour, 44, faces 24 allegations of sexual abuse of the boys who were attending Gregg School, Southampton, and Lakeside School, a special education needs unit at Chandlers Ford, more than a decade ago. Jurors have been told how the teaching assistant began supporting one of the youths after he was being bullied at Greggs.

Prosecutor Robert Bryant told Southampton Crown Court that the boy had learned Gilmour was gay and sent him a text because he thought he was also gay.

Gilmour asked him to talk about it. Things progressed between the pair and they started kissing in the library. Gilmour later performed other sexual acts on the pupil, not only in the same room but also at his father’s home when Gilmour went there to give him extra lessons, it was alleged.

Mr Bryant alleged his father later overheard a conversation between the youth’s boy friend and his brother and told him he should go to the police. “That was how the police became involved,” the barrister explained.

That friend had also recalled seeing Gilmour in a Southampton pub about a year before the police involvement, and told him he knew what he had been doing. “He says at that point the defendant said he was sorry for what he had done.” In relation to the charges surrounding the second boy, Mr Bryant said the abuse began after after a maths class.

Other acts took place in a spare building and in Gilmour’s car. The boy’s mother told jurors how he revealed Gilmour had done something to him but didn’t want to talk about it and she respected his wishes. But later, while they were at Millbrook’s Megabowl, he noticed Gilmour there with a group but kept staring at him.

When Gilmour was alone, she introduced herself to him and told him she knew what he had done because her son had told her. “I told him that if it wasn’t for him, I would have reported you to the police. “He turned around and said ‘sorry’. I said ‘you will be’ and he walked away.” Gilmour, of Junction Road, Poole, has pleaded not guilty to the charges and is expected to give evidence on Monday.

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