Piling on the pressure to meet deadlines

March 23rd, 2021

We were instructed by a retired couple who had placed an order for a small but high specification and value motor boat.

Delivery had been expected in 12 months, but the work on the vessel was very slow. As more deadlines past, our client grew concerned as to whether the vessel would be delivered, particularly as they had paid most of the purchase price in advance.

We were recommended to assist, and having ascertained the Yard’s financial position, the presence of other part completed vessels, and the likelihood of our clients making no recovery at all in the event that the Yard failed, we appointed a local surveyor.

By a combination of persistence on the part of our clients’ appointed surveyor, and continued practical and constructive pressure on our part, we were able to get the vessel completed to the highest specifications within a short timescale, and to the satisfaction of both the Yard and owners.  This illustrates the importance of having a clear understanding of what is practical and achievable in such circumstances, particularly given the Covid working restrictions in place at the time and its effect on the financial affairs of many small businesses in the pleasure marine sector.