Paedophile’s Estate “frozen” to allow for victims to bring a claim for compensation.

September 8th, 2020

Former Priest and Anglican Minister Michael Studdert was jailed in 2006 for four years in relation to indecent images.  However, prior to his death in 2017, Studdert was never convicted of physical abuse.

Mr Studdert died in 2017 leaving behind an estate worth in the region of £4.7 million.

A High Court Judge, having commented that there was a “real prospect” Studdert may have committed sexual assaults in the UK and abroad, recently ruled that the estate must not be passed on to the beneficiaries of his will until sufficient time has passed to allow victims to come forward with potential claims for compensation.  The Judge also ordered that a website be set up at so that victims would be able to give notification of any potential claims.

Studdert was curate between 1966 – 1969 at All Saints and Martyrs in Manchester.

He was Curate between 1969 – 1975 at All Saints, Fleet, Hamphire

He was a teacher in 1974 at Guildford Church of England Secondary School

He was employed by Eagle House School between 1977 – 1988

The Esate will not be “frozen” indefinitely so if you believe you may have a claim against Studdert’s Estate as a result of abuse you have suffered but feel you need some assistance or would like to talk through your options, contact one of our team today.