Online campaign sparks Metropolitan Police investigation into school abuse.

March 29th, 2021

The Met Police said that it has been “reviewing the content” of the website Everyone’s Invited which gives victims a platform to post asked victims to post anonymous accounts of abuse in schools.  The site currently has about 7000 accounts from children as young as nine.

The site was created in June 2020 by Soma Sara, herself a survivor or abuse after sharing her own experiences via Instagram.  A link to the site can be found here :

Det Supt Mel Laremore, who is the Met’s lead for sexual offences said: “It is deeply concerning to see the number of accounts published on this website, many of which appear to relate to previous or current experiences within educational settings in London and across the country.

“We take all allegations of sexual assault very seriously. We understand the complex and varied reasons why many victim-survivors do not contact law enforcement, but I want to personally reassure anyone who needs our help that we are absolutely here for you.”

David Hawkins, a specialist in sexual abuse cases at Verisona Law said “Any initiative which helps people to come forward and talk about their experiences is a good thing, and the site is a great way of helping people come forward who may never have spoken about their experiences to anyone before.  I would also encourage anyone who has experienced sexual abuse in an educational, or indeed any, setting to speak to the Police.  If you have experienced sexual abuse and want to know more about your legal rights in obtaining redress for what happened, you can also speak, in confidence, to our highly experienced award winning team who can advise you.”