Newport headteacher Jon Styler abuse allegations – how many more suffered?

November 11th, 2015

New claims surrounding a former headteacher of hurch in Wales primary school at Malpas near Newport who killed himself when he was confronted with an allegation of child abuse suggest he was one of the most prolific paedophiles in recent Welsh history. 

BBC One Wales programme Week In Week Out has been told by solicitors representing several of his alleged victims that Jon Styler is now thought to have targeted around 100 boys. It seems that only the minority have come forward and are being represented. I have been heavily involved in extensive litigation in Cardiff, Wales and have successfully obtained damages for nearly 30 individuals whom made allegations against a dead perpetrator. The focus needs to be on who was running the school and who employed Styler?

The School is a voluntary controlled school and although it is likely the buildings and land are owned by the Diocese, I anticipate that Newport City Council employed Styler thus potentially making themselves automatically liable for the abuse. These cases are complex, not least so when there is a dead perpetrator and no conviction.

Those wishing to bring a claim for compensation need to ensure that they instruct specialist and experienced lawyers to investigate on their behalf.