Mervyn Rush, former science teacher at Beeston Hall School jailed

January 8th, 2013

A 68-year-old man who fled the country in attempt to evade justice has been jailed for 14 years after being convicted of child sex offences against pupils at at North Norfolk school in the 1970s.

Mervyn Rush, formerly of Dorking in Surrey, was previously charged with numerous child sex offences against young boys who attended Beeston Hall School near Cromer where he taught as a science teacher between 1972 and 1976.

Today, Rush pleaded guilty to 18 offences having preyed on a total of 10 young boys who were aged between eight years old and 12 years old when the crimes took place.

He was subsequently sentenced to 14 years by Judge Holt at Norwich Crown Court.

Rush fled the country in 2000 after failing to answer Crown Court bail to face the charges in court. He was arrested in France under an European arrest warrant in May 2012. In April this year Rush was extradited and appeared at Norwich Crown Court charged with 24 sex offences and breach of bail offences

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Pete Sayer from Norfolk Constabulary’s Child Abuse Investigation Unit, said: “This case has been a lengthy and complex one for us to investigate. I cannot begin to imagine the added pain that the victims and their families have had to endure over the 13 years since Rush absconded from the justice system.

I hope the verdict passed today provides some level of closure and allows them to continue to recover from these traumatic experiences.

“Rush used a position of absolute trust to abuse small boys and to commit the most serious offences of their kind.

“Through the position he held, it would have been the most basic of expectations to protect these children, instead he chose to do the complete opposite.”

Rush left the UK whilst on Crown Court bail and the case was put on hold as he could not face trial after being previously charged with these offences.

He was arrested at the British Embassy in Paris by French Special Branch officers. He had gone to pick up a new passport.

Those who were subject to abuse at the hands of Rush have rise to a civil claims for compensation. If you or somebody you know were subject to abuse please do not hesitate to contact our specialist child abuse team. We will treat any communications with the strictest of confidence