Law Firms Merge Across Portsmouth Harbour

February 11th, 2019

Verisona Law is proud to officially announce its merger with renowned Gosport practice, Donnelly & Elliott Solicitors.

A decade on from its creation as a result of a merger between law firms Dyer, Burdett & Co in Havant and Gray Purdue in Waterlooville, Verisona Law is strengthening its presence by joining with Donnelly & Elliott Solicitors in Gosport, ensuring the growth and resilience of both companies.

‘We are delighted to be merging with such a well-respected firm as Donnelly & Elliott,’ says Verisona Law’s Chairman, Michael Dyer. ‘With over seventy years’ experience advising private and business clients in Gosport and beyond, an office employing 18 staff and the benefit of the experience of consultant John Donnelly, who for many years ran the firm with his brother Michael, this merger will pave the way to a successful future for both businesses.’

The merger comes as a result of careful discussion and planning between the directors of Verisona Law and Adam Corcoran, Managing Director of Donnelly & Elliott who joined the practice in 2009 and specialises in commercial property and advising businesses.

‘Donnelly & Elliott is a household name for many who have had generations of their families turn to them when in need of legal advice, and we will continue to trade under that name,’ says Adam, who has become a Director of Verisona Law. ‘However, we recognise that, whilst we have an impressive list of valued clients, we will need the support of an advanced internal infrastructure such as that developed by Verisona Law.’

Now with over 70 staff, Verisona Law will be a three office firm, with its head office at 1000 Lakeside in North Harbour and satellite offices in Waterlooville and Gosport ideally located to serve clients across the region.

‘Adam and his team bring valuable experience and expertise, particularly in property and business law,’ explains Sue Ball, Managing Director of Verisona Law. ‘We are thrilled that Donnelly & Elliott has seen its future in what we have worked so hard to achieve in the past decade, and we look forward to sharing the innovation and self-belief that allowed us to break the rules in 2008, creating the Verisona Law brand that we are so proud of.’

For further information, please contact Michael Dyer on 023 9298 1000.