IICSA – Where are we now?

June 18th, 2020

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) in England and Wales is investigating claims made against religious organisations, the armed forces, local authorities and people in the public eye.

The inquiry was set up following the death of TV presenter Jimmy Savile, after hundreds of people came forward to say he had abused them as children. This shone a light on sexual assault that occurs in schools, children homes and at NHS sites.

The inquiry, expected to take 5 years has already published an interim report with 18 recommendations including formal apologies from institutions involved in child migration programmes, establishing a financial redress scheme for former child migrants, better management of child migrant records and changes to automatically rejecting claims from CICA based on criminal record.

What is the IICSA investigating?

The inquiry’s public hearings consist of 14 separate investigations, which are expected to conclude in June 2020.

The inquiry is investigating:

  • the cases of British children in care who were sent to parts of the Empire including Australia, Canada, New Zealand and what was Southern Rhodesia between 1920 and the 1970s
  • alleged failings at Lambeth and Nottinghamshire councils; Cambridge House Boys’ Hostel, Knowl View School and other institutions arranged by Rochdale Borough Council; the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches; custodial institutions, residential schools, and the support services and legal remedies available to victims and survivors
  • “areas of contemporary concern” including the internet and organised abuse networks
  • allegations of child sexual abuse by “people of public prominence associated with Westminster” and claims of cover-ups
  • allegations against the late Lord Janner, the former Labour peer who in 2015 was ruled unfit to stand trial on child sexual abuse charges

Verisona Law and the IICSA

Verisona Law has been active in the IICSA inquiry since inception. We have played an active part representing the survivors of abuse stemming from Lambeth Council. We have also represented survivors of abuse within the Residential Schools strand of the Inquiry and supported them through the process of giving their evidence

The allegations around Lambeth Council are extremely serious and the management of these allegations highlight the importance of IICSA. We are currently representing a number of clients that have survived a number of different failings of the system that was put in place to protect them. As we move into the final stages of the inquiry, we look forward to our clients receiving redress and hopefully closure.

If you, or a loved one has been affected by sexual abuse whether recently or in your childhood and would like to talk about your legal rights, please contact our team of experienced, award winning, specialist historic abuse lawyers. We are able to explain your options and discuss whether it is possible for you to obtain financial redress.

 Contact the specialist Historic Abuse team at Verisona Law on 02392 98 1000 or email connect@verisonalaw.com today.