How to prove sexual abuse

May 8th, 2008

How do you prove sexual abuse? A very interesting question which I will try and answer from the perspective of a solicitor acting for a victim.

First of all is the victim prepared to give a full account of what happened? If not then it is going to be difficult to prove the abuse. Victims understandably are often reluctant to discuss the horror of the abuse that they suffered, and so what I try to do is to get them explain in their own time and in their own way what happened.

If the victim has already given a statement to the police we might just need to obtain a copy.

We need to know what happened to the victim so that we can advise as to whether they have a case and how it to be pursued.

Assuming that the victim is gives an account we need to evalaute their chances of success in pursuing a claim. We need to see if there is any supporting evidence, for example, witnesses or other victims.

Are there any criminal convictions which are excellent pieces of evidence?

So we are looking at being in a position of being able to prove what the victims says. The stronger the case the better the chances of success.

The victim’s evidence alone may be enough, but in deciding whether this is the case we are looking at that chance of success.