Duncroft Approved School, Surrey – Jimmy Savile abuse allegations

October 4th, 2012

It is alleged that Sir Jimmy Savile who died in October last year aged 84 was a frequent visitor to Uncroft Approved School in Surrey. here have been allegations made against him by several women and former pupils of the school that he had sexually abused and indecently assaulted them. It has emerged that in 2007 Surrey Police were investigating a complaint from a woman claiming she was indecently assaulted by Savile at the uncroft School during the 1970s. She was aged approximately 14 or 15 at the time. espite the investigation, no further action was taken.

Several other women who had been pupils at the school in the 1970s were apparently also prepared to say that they too had been abused by Savile. He often visited the school and would give the girls cigarettes or records, or take them to sit in the audience at his lunk lick V show. In return for this he would expect ‘sexual favours’. One former pupil alleges an indecent assault by Jimmy Savile at the school. She screamed and complained after the incident allegedly took place resulting in her being sent to the school’s isolation. Others make allegations amounting to that of sexual assaults. Sussex Police have now confirmed that a complaint of sexual assault against Savile was made by a 59-year-old woman in 2008.

The complaint was subsequently dropped because she was “unwilling to co-operate in any investigation”. he attack allegedly took place in Worthing in 1970. The Duncroft Approved School was based in an old manor house down Moor Lane. It was originally under Home Office control as a school ‘for intelligent, emotionally disturbed’ girls, until it came under local authority control. he school owed these vulnerable girls a duty of care. hey were placed in predicaments whereby they could be systematically abused and can deservedly seek the justice that they are owed.

We understand that it is not unusual for those who were subject to abuse to come forward later in life. claim for compensation is still possible regardless of whether the alleged abuser is alive or not. he law surrounding this situation is complex and Verisona’s historic abuse team have the requisite specialist knowledge to be able to deal with any potential claims. If you or somebody you know were subject to abuse at any time whilst at the school or at any other institution please do not hesitate to contact our specialist child abuse solicitors. We will treat any communications with the strictest of confidence.