Church of England Review Reveals over 350 new allegations of Abuse

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Name: Marie Forbes

Title: Solicitor - Historic Abuse/Litigation


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October 13th, 2022

The Church of England has recently published a report in which it confirms that it has found hundreds of new cases involving allegations of abuse of vulnerable adults and children by clergy, Church officers and volunteers.  The report was published as a result of the most extensive review of records ever conducted by the Church of England.

The review found 383 new cases which the Church says require further attention.  The most common type of alleged abuse was sexual, accounting for 181 of the 383 cases.   Also, of the 383 cases, 168 relate to children.

The alleged perpetrators, who are still alive, include 242 clergy.

The Archbishop of Canterbury and Archbishop of York stated in a joint statement “we sincerely apologise for our failures and want to reach out to those who are still suffering from the pain and misery they endured”.

The Church of England is in the process of developing an national redress scheme to provide compensation to survivors of abuse within the Church of England.  Whilst it had been initially hoped that the scheme would be up and running by this year, the Church has recently confirmed that the scheme has been delayed and they are currently looking to launch a pilot phase of the scheme by the end of 2023.  Given that more and more allegations of abuse are being made and numerous alleged perpetrators identified, many survivors are not willing to wait for the scheme and are instead bringing claims against the Church of England through the civil courts.

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