Charlotte Set to Take to the Skies for Charity Jump

Charlotte Set to Take to the Skies for Charity Jump

A member of our specialist Child Abuse team is preparing to fulfil a lifetime ambition by taking part in a 15,000 foot skydive in order to raise money for Victim Support.

Since she started working at Verisona Law as a member of the firm’s Child Abuse team in June 2016, Legal Assistant Charlotte Attwood has been actively involved in supporting a wide range of clients through the legal process that brings justice and closure to survivors of abuse.

As part of her role, Charlotte has worked closely with clients who have required the support of leading independent charity, ‘Victim Support’, which, in the last year alone, provided free, confidential emotional support, practical help and specialist services to nearly a million victims of crimes including domestic abuse, sexual violence and child sexual exploitation.

Now, 20 year old Charlotte is combining the passion for her work with achieving a lifetime ambition and undertaking her first ever skydive with ‘Go Skydive’ in Salisbury.

‘It was during a discussion at one of our team meetings about how we might raise awareness of Victim Support, that I mentioned I had always wanted to do a skydive,’ recalls Charlotte. ‘Charles Derham, our Head of Department, thought it was a great idea, Verisona Law agreed to cover the cost and now I am fundraising with a target of raising for Victim Support £600 for my jump on 19th April.’

The 15,000 foot drop is the highest Go Sky Dive offer and includes a 60 second freefall at 120 mph, which Charlotte admits is causing a little apprehension amongst her feelings of excitement.

‘My Mum has said she thinks I am mad, my colleagues are counting down to the big day but I knew that raising money for such an important charity would ensure my commitment to the challenge.’

‘We are delighted with Charlotte’s tremendous efforts to raise money for Victim Support,’ says Tanya Richardson, Fundraising Manager. ‘Now more than ever we rely on local communities to help raise vital funds and take on personal challenges to help us support victims and their families.’

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