Abusive boarding school worker jailed for 19 years

March 23rd, 2020

Boarding school worker jailed for 19 years for sexually assaulting young boys in Chepstow in the 1990s.

Robert Starr, 70, worked in Mounton House School as a night watchman where he was responsible for the safety of children with behavioural and learning difficulties. During his employment, Starr abused nine boys who were living in the dormitories near his own room.

Cardiff crown court heard that the defendant had previously been jailed for 12 years in 1998 as a result of Operation Goldfinch (an inquiry into historic abuse at children’s homes in South Wales).

Starr would draw pictures for them which they would put up near their beds. He worked as a caretaker and night watchman and would go around with his torch to check on them. He told one victim not to tell anyone about the abuse and that no one would believe him in any event”. Mark Cotter, Prosecutor. 

Starr was found guilty of 21 cases of sexual abuse during his time at Mounton House School in Pwllmeyric.

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