Merchiston Castle School

Merchiston Castle School is one of the most exclusive boy’s schools in Scotland.  During the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry the School’s lawyer said that with hindsight, it was clear that warning signs had been missed and “it was clear with at least one former member of staff the dots were never to be joined”.  Mr Reid offered the school’s “unreserved apology”.

James Rainy Brown, a former housemaster took his own life in 2013 amid a police investigation for inappropriate conduct towards pupils spanning his 52 year career at the school.

In 2015 Gordon Cruden, a languages teacher was found guilty of three charges of indecent exposure at school between 1980 and 1985.  Cruden was not fined or given a jail sentence but was instead given an absolute discharge.  This means no conviction was recorded and he was not put on the Sex Offender’s Register.