How do I make an industrial disease/occupational disease claim?

Verisona Law’s occupational disease specialist solicitors fight for the maximum compensation in the quickest possible time. Claims for injuries caused by industrial disease can be complex compared to other types of personal injury claims and therefore it is essential that you have an experienced solicitor to manage your claim.

This is because they can involve a detailed investigation of an individual’s working history. In many cases of occupational disease the exposure will have occurred a long time ago. If the company that is responsible has gone out of business, you can still make a claim by tracing your employer’s insurance company; your solicitor will help you with this.

How long do Occupational Disease claims take?

You may not know when you first started suffering with the illness or condition caused by inappropriate conditions in your workplace. However, there are strict time limits in place. Generally a court would expect you to have significant knowledge that you were suffering from an injury within three years of bringing a claim. This is not always a straight forward, so it is important that if you think you may have a claim to contact your solicitor as soon as possible.

If your industrial disease claim is relatively straightforward, your industrial disease claim may be resolved in months, but more complicated industrial disease claims can take years.

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