Hand-arm vibration syndrome (vibration white finger)

As an employee, you should be safe in your place of work and protected from any health risks.

Hand-arm vibration syndrome is a disorder resulting from prolonged exposure to vibration, specifically to the hands and forearms while using vibrating tools. This disorder is also often referred to as vibration white finger.

How to make a claim for hand-arm vibration syndrome

If you are concerned that you have been exposed to prolonged periods of vibration from use of handheld tools and you are experiencing the symptoms associated with the condition, then you may be entitled to seek compensation from your employers.

Claim process

The claims process involves submitting details of the claim to the Defendant company or, more likely, their Employers Liability Insurers.

An independent medico-legal report will also be obtained to report upon the condition you are suffering from. It might also be necessary to obtain evidence from a consulting engineer to comment upon the likely levels of vibration that you would have been exposed to during your employment.

Hand-arm vibration syndrome claim

Excessive exposure to vibration for 26 years

We were instructed to act for an individual who developed hand-arm vibration syndrome as a result of excessive exposure to vibration over a period of 26 years. The Claimant was employed as a skilled fettler, polisher and linisher and he was exposed to vibration by virtue of using a grinding machine, handheld angle grinders, die grinders, inline sanders, square buffers and orbital sanders. It was alleged that the Defendants had failed to comply with the Regulations in place in respect of vibration at work and in particular the lack of monitoring in place, the lack of risk assessments in place and lack of health surveillance of the Claimant.

The Defendants admitted that they breached their duties to the Claimant and he was awarded damages in the sum of £16,000.00.


Hand-arm vibration syndrome claim

Claim against a dissolved company

We were instructed to act for an individual who developed hand-arm vibration syndrome as a result of excessive exposure to vibration over a period of 23 years whilst working for three different companies. One of the companies had ceased trading but the claim was brought against their Employers Liability Insurers. The Claimant was employed by all three companies as a mechanic and he was exposed to excessive vibration by virtue of undertaking maintenance, body repairs and fabrication work to vehicles. This work involved the use of use of air needle guns, air chisels, air grinders, orbital sanders, drills, and 5” and 9” cutting grinders. Liability was denied but we fought on and managed to secure damages for the Claimant in excess of £10,000.00.


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