Intellectual property Solicitors

Are you protecting a valuable asset?

Are you protecting a valuable asset? Whatever the size of your business and whatever you do, you are probably generating intellectual property. This could be an innovative product or design, a theatrical work, a piece of software or a trusted brand that you could one day sell.

The important thing is to protect this property, just as you would your house or your car, so that no-one can use it without your permission and paying you a healthy fee.

How you protect your intellectual property depends on what it is. Copyright, for example, is granted automatically to authors, while trademarks for brands or patents for designs must be registered.

Applying for patents and trademarks can be a complex business, but we will talk you through the issues, find the best answer for your property and business, and handle registration. Having the right protection in place provides a good deterrent and makes it far easier to take action through the courts if somebody does infringe your rights.

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