Settlement Agreements

Verisona Law’s employment specialists are highly experienced in negotiating and executing clear and effective Settlement Agreements between employers and employees.

Formerly known as  ‘Compromise Agreements’, these contracts set out terms agreed upon termination of employment, making it clear the employee gives up their rights to pursue any claim in the Employment Tribunal in return for a payment made by employer.

Verisona Law has experience in offering Settlement Agreements in the following circumstances:

  • Redundancy situations, including mass redundancies such as site closures and entire business closures.
  • Misconduct (at all levels)
  • Performance issues (at all levels)
  • Employment tribunal cases
  • Breakdown of relationship

Settling existing or imminent claims

A Settlement Agreement can be used to settle existing or imminent claims that an employee has against a business in an employment tribunal.

Settlement Agreements are a useful alternative to defending claims in the employment tribunal which can be time consuming and expensive for an organisation to deal with.

Having a claim heard in the employment tribunal may also damage the reputation of an organisation, which could have a knock on effect on its business.  Settlement Agreements are constructed so that they are confidential. This limits any potential damage to an employer’s reputation as the employee agrees to keep all information relating to the circumstances leading up to the termination of their employment, and the contents of the Settlement Agreement confidential.

Particularly effective in cases of redundancy, businesses who have undertaken restructuring exercises find that fair and effective Settlement Agreements avoid prolonged stress and expense for both employer and employee. Settlement Agreements provide clarity in what can be a difficult process for all.

We can conduct employee briefings and are able to travel to your offices and give legal advice to your employees on site, making it as easy as possible for you and your employees.

Efficient resolution

Having extensive experience in Employment Law, particularly Settlement Agreements, allows us to give our clients guidance on the best process to ensure a quick and effective solution for all parties involved.

To engage an employment law expert to negotiate or review your Settlement Agreements, or book an appointment at one of our offices to further explore their use, please contact our Employment Law team on 023 9298 1000 or email