It can be extremely stressful for employees, employers and HR Managers alike when redundancies need to be made.
The redundancy process can be complicated and there are various pitfalls into which an employer can fall, finding themselves short of having met the legal requirements. Having the right HR/Employment Lawyer by your side can minimise the stress for both employers and employees, ensuring that the outcome is achieved in the most effective way.

Support for your business

Redundancies are stressful and can involve complex procedures, so the last thing your business needs is a costly and time-consuming claim arising from a redundancy process. Verisona Law helps it’s employer clients to keep complications to a minimum, ensuring that the process is completed as smoothly as possible.
We can support you with the following.

Guidance during your redundancy selection

It is vital that your redundancy selection is fair and backed by evidence. If you make staff redundant because of personal preferences, or without care in relation to protected characteristics under the Equality Act, you could be accused of discrimination. We can help you to keep the selection procedure fair and reasonable, ensuring that you have the right evidence to prove that your choices are fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory.

Support throughout redundancy consultations

Employees who are being made redundant are entitled to be consulted. The consultation should be facilitated by you and you must outline why they have been provisionally selected for redundancy and you should tell them the next steps in the process. Verisona Law can guide you through this process, including the additional steps you will need to follow for any collective consultations.

Advice on statutory entitlements

All employees selected for redundancy are entitled to receive notice and to be paid for that notice period, and those who have the applicable period of service will also be eligible for statutory redundancy pay. There are rules which determine how much notice an employee is entitled to receive, and we can advise you on these, and also calculate the redundancy payment due to an employee, based on their age, salary and length of service.
We can draft or review any letters that you require during a redundancy procedure, ensuring that they’re clear and comply with employment laws.

Legal disputes & Employment Tribunals

If an employee has chosen to dispute their redundancy and chooses to pursue a formal grievance or to issue a claim in the Employment Tribunal, Verisona Law can help to defend your business and uphold your reputation.
We are experienced in all types of proceedings and can provide you with support throughout a legal dispute. We will settle any issues arising from claims relating to the redundancy process and are able to represent you in tribunal if necessary.

We always keep our clients’ best interests in mind, working hard on their behalf, so that they can focus on running their business, while we achieve the desired outcome.
If you would like to set up an initial consultation regarding a redundancy procedure right away, you can contact Verisona Law on 02392 98 1000.