Commercial tenant services

More frequently, tenants are beginning to sign themselves up to commercial leases without obtaining  any legal advice. Many tenants are hoping to keep their initial expenses as low as possible by avoiding professional advice. This can be counter-intuitive as  this can result in the need for further legal advice and potential litigation claims in the future.

Our swift, professional and high-quality service is created to expedite the signing of your lease and ensure you move into your new property as soon as possible, while minimising  risk and guaranteeing your full protection throughout the term of your lease.

Our areas of expertise

Verisona Law cover a wide variety of areas, offering both commercial and practical advice in break clauses, rent reviews, rent arrears, relief against forfeiture, dilapidations and contested lease renewal.

Our experienced property lawyers are able to advise and guide you against any potential issues using their understanding of your requirements to assist you with every step of the process.

Offering considered and practical support at all times, we advise on the following areas:

  • New leases
  • Lease renewals
  • Assignments
  • Sub-lettings
  • Surrenders
  • Rent Reviews
  • Licences
  • SDLT
  • Dilapidations
  • Rent and service charge arrears
  • Service charge disputes
  • Forfeiture

Surrenders. assignments and underletting

We have a Commercial Property team who can advise you on each aspect of surrenders, lease assignments or underlettings.

Current economic affairs, situations and circumstances are always adapting and sometimes it can become essential for a tenant to surrender a lease. The tenant can take advantage of the negotiation of original leases as it may make it feasible to surrender or terminate the lease for specific reasons.

As part of our service, we research and advise on the ability to terminate the lease, to assign or sub-let, and to ensure that on the occasion that financial and tax implications of surrendering a lease are outlined clearly.

We are able to advise on extra support and security needed by Landlords upon a proposed assignment or underlease such as authorised guarantee agreements, rent deposit deeds, deeds of covenant and personal guarantees.

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