Selling a property as Power of Attorney

Verisona conveyancing is part of bpl solicitors. We have a number of offices located in the North of England and we can support you when you are selling a probate property.

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document that lets someone be appointed to make decisions on behalf of someone else. This gives them more control over what happens to them if they are unable to make their own decisions. This includes making financial decisions for the person you are acting for. Verisona Conveyancing works closely with their clients to make sure that the sale of a POA is ethical and stress free.

Who are the Power of Attorneys?

If you find that there is multiple people acting as a POA for an individual, you will have to consult with each other before making any decisions.

Selling a property with POA

All sales must be subject to interests. A lot of property sales happen to help pay for care or living arrangements as these can be costly. Councils can grant loans for these ongoing costs but you will have to pay these debts back which is most likely done by selling the individuals property. At Verisona Conveyancing, we are here to help during distressing times and get the property through without added pressure.

Purchasing a property as a POA?

You cannot purchase something from someone you are acting for below the market value without the OPG’s authority and you cannot use your authority to benefit yourself or get a personal gain. This could leave you liable for criminal prosecution.