Purchasing a second home

Verisona conveyancing is part of bpl solicitors. We have a number of offices located in the North of England and we can support you with your second home purchase.

When purchasing a second home, Verisona Conveyancing is here to help whether the property is at home or away.

Verisona Conveyancing works will a number of different panels

When purchasing a property with a mortgage, you will use a provider who is best suited to your personal and financial situation. Some lenders will specify who you can work with within their panel. Verisona Conveyancing works with a wide range of lenders and from the outset, we will be able to advise if we can work alongside your desired one. If you are purchasing a property abroad, you might have to look for an overseas lender.

Finding a second home in another country

If you have found a second home in another country, you will have to see if there are any residency requirements and additional taxes that you will have to pay. Furthermore, depending on the country you may find you have an obligation to create a Will, which will increase your legal costs.

Additional expenses when purchasing a second home

When purchasing your second home you will have to take into account the increase of costs compared to just owning one. If you are applying for a mortgage you are likely to pay high interest rates and require a larger deposit. In addition to this, stamp duty will be higher compared to the standard SDLT rates.

Verisona Conveyancing acting for your property transactions.

At Verisona Conveyancing we work hard to make sure we complete your property sale within your desired timeframe and advising our clients when purchasing a second home. If you are planning to purchase a property abroad, you might have to consider a conveyancer within that country due to their regulations and most solicitors in England are not qualified to deal with property purchases abroad. Verisona Conveyancing are more than happy to advise on whether they can or cannot act for your onwards purchase. In addition to this we can still act for you for your sale (if this applies) and liaise with your purchasing solicitor to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.