Surveyor Negligence

Surveyors offer a wide range of products and services from undertaking property valuations or carrying out inspections and surveys.

It’s only right that you expect your surveyor to provide you with a professional service. You could have a professional negligence claim if the service received was below a reasonable standard of skill and care and as a result you have suffered a financial loss. In addition, all surveyors are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), which requires strict minimum standards of professional conduct and client care.

If you think you have a claim against your surveyor, please contact us at Verisona Law and we’d be happy to assist.

There are a number of circumstances where it may be appropriate to pursue a claim against your Surveyor. Some examples may be:

  • Failing to give an accurate valuation of a property, resulting in an under or over-valuation
  • Failing to inspect or observe properly or make sufficient enquiries
  • Failing to note structural movement or subsidence
  • Failing to advise on the state of repair of a property
  • Failing to recognise defects
  • Failing to make a proper appraisal

The above list is not exhaustive and if you think you may have a professional negligence claim relating to any of the above – or with a situation differing from the list – contact our team today.

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