Solicitors Negligence

Solicitors offer a wide range of products and services from drafting your will, acting on your behalf in a divorce, purchasing residential or commercial property or commencing litigation.

It’s only right that you expect your solicitor to provide you with a professional service. You could have a professional negligence claim if the service received was below a reasonable standard of skill and care and as a result you have suffered a financial loss.

If you think you have a claim against your solicitor, please contact us at Verisona Law and we’d be happy to assist.

There are many circumstances where it may be appropriate to pursue a claim against your solicitor. Some examples include:


  • Failing to advise if your property had certain rights of way to the highway or failed to register the title or other legal rights upon a purchase
  • Failing to advise on specific onerous terms such as ground rent or increasing service charges when acquiring a lease
  • Failing to properly activate a break clause resulting in being unable to move premises and liable for further rent
  • Failing to advise on certain restrictions in relation to planning or building regulations
  • Failing to completed a property transaction too late and therefore missing the Stamp Duty holiday


  • Failing to commence proceedings within the limitation period meaning the claim was statue barred
  • Failing to comply with a court deadline leading to your claim being struck out


  • Failing to include all beneficiaries upon drafting a will
  • Failing to carry out an action with estate administration leading to the loss of IHT relief


  • Failing to properly consider the value of your partner’s matrimonial assets, such as a valuable pension scheme, meaning you weren’t awarded your fair share

The examples above are not intended to be exhaustive, so if you think you have a professional negligence claim please contact us at Verisona Law and we’d be happy to assist


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