Child Abuse by Foster Carers

When children are taken into care, either under a Court Order or on a voluntary basis, they may be placed in foster care with foster parents who are appointed by the Local Authority (council for the area) or a private foster organisation. Foster parents may be unknown to the child or they could be family members or family friends who have been approved as foster carers.

Fostering placements can be short term or long term, and sometimes children are moved between different fostering placements. Often children going into fostering may be dealing with problems from their home environment such as drink, drugs, neglect, mental health issues, abuse of a physical or sexual nature, or sometimes the death of one or both parents.

Foster carers are supposed to ensure that vulnerable children are provided with a stable family life if they are unable to live with their parents. Unfortunately, sometimes foster homes are not the loving setting that they should be. In some cases already vulnerable foster children can experience sexual, physical or emotional abuse, neglect and exploitation. The effects of poor foster care can be serious and long-term. Often children may feel the abuse is somehow their fault. Sometimes children may not understand that what is happening to them is even abuse at the time.

The psychological impact can sometimes stay hidden only to be triggered by something in adulthood. Whilst compensation cannot remove these problems, it can help with the cost of therapeutic treatment. Sometimes compensation can mean a sense of closure and acceptance is achieved from the difficulties experienced in the past.

Our specialist solicitors at Verisona Law can help you make a claim if you were abused. Contact our caring team for guidance and advice on the options available to you.



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