Abuse by celebrities or public figures

Abuse by celebrities or public figures

The revelations of abuse that emerged in 2012 regarding Jimmy Savile after his death led to a widespread Police investigation of child sexual abuse by celebrities called Operation Yewtree. This investigation led to convictions of a large number of celebrities and public figures, including Max Clifford, Gary Glitter, and Rolf Harris.

More recently, the allegations of sexual assaults involving Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood figures has further lifted the lid on the perception that some celebrities have been able to use their power and fame to act with impunity in the abuse of others. Where in the past abusers have been able to use their fame to deter people from speaking out, people are now finding a voice and are being believed.

If you have been abused by somebody in the public eye, and you would like to seek redress, then please contact us. Our team of experienced lawyers can advise you on your rights, and whether it is possible for you to make a claim.

How do I claim?

If the abuser is somebody in the public eye, provided that person is still living, it is likely they will have the means to pay compensation. If the abuse happened at an institution, such as the BBC, then we can also look into whether it is possible to hold that institution to account for negligence in allowing abuse to take place on their premises.

Verisona Law was involved in the compensation scheme which was set up to compensate Jimmy Savile’s victims and we have experience in seeking justice and redress in this type of case.

Are there time restrictions on making a claim?

Technically you have until your 21st birthday to have brought a claim, but the courts do recognise that it is difficult sometime for survivors of abuse to come forward and many are only able to come to terms with what happened later in life. As such the courts always use their discretion when deciding whether to allow a claim to be made and our dedicated team at Verisona Law has a great deal of expertise in bringing cases “out of time”.

Verisona Law – what can we do to help?

Our expert lawyers are members of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers (ACAL) and the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) so you can be sure of our expertise and dedication. We have both male and female lawyers and you can decide who you would like to work with in taking your case forward.

We pride ourselves on our understanding and sensitivity with our clients but also our tenacity with opponents when pursuing cases. Our aim is to seek redress for people who have suffered abuse, be that financial compensation, or organising treatment or therapy in order to help people seek closure.

In many cases we are happy to act for people on a “no win, no fee” basis and we are happy to speak to you about the most appropriate way of funding your claim.

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