Child Abuse Charities

Verisona Law work with charities who support sufferers of historic childhood abuse

Victim Support don’t just help people who’ve recently been abused – they are there to support both men and women weeks, months and years after the abuse took place. They have different services in different parts of the country. All of their services are confidential, free and available to anyone who’s been abused and they can help regardless of whether you have told the police or anyone else about the abuse. Here is a case study from the Victim Support Supportline, which offers emotional and practical support to victims 24/7.

“I received a call on Supportline from an older man who disclosed to me that he suffered sexual abuse throughout his childhood and also into his adolescence. This was the first time he had ever talked to anyone about this and how it had impacted him throughout his life. He had never felt able to reach out for support from his wife or children, for fear of burdening them with his past traumas and causing them concern for his well-being, and had gone on to use drugs as a method of coping. I was able to provide emotional support and reassure him he had done the right thing by reaching out for support. I was able to provide information on further support he could access, through our local services and other organisations. He was very grateful for having someone to talk to and said he would go on to seek more ongoing face to face support. I was also able to provide information on reporting the abuse to help him seek further closure.”

Registered charity no. 298028