WRSUK : Commercial Services Case Study

"I first used Verisona’s Commercial Services over 25 years ago when my wife and I sought advice on the restrictive covenants in our contracts with former employers. We both worked in the recruitment industry and in 1988 decided to set up our own agency, ‘Workshop Recruitment’.

Verisona went on to initially advise us on the Terms & Conditions in contracts for both staff and suppliers, but over the years has helped us chase debt, deal with employment issues, handle any subsequent litigation and supported us in all our leases and purchases of office space. In 2008, Verisona advised us in the Management Buyout of ‘Workshop Recruitment’, the setting up of our new company ‘WRSUK’ and the launch this year of specialist agency ‘WRSTech’ for the Maritime, Transport and Energy Sectors. The recruitment industry is notoriously aggressive and we have had times to call on strong legal support and defence. I have also used Verisona for the purchase and management of property, both for my company ‘Hinton Property Investments’ and myself personally , and a variety of personal matters."

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