Claims for compensation for medical negligence

It has been reported that more than £5.5m in medical negligence compensation was paid out last year by one NHS Trust alone - Wrightington, Wigan And Leigh NHS Foundation Trust, in Greater Manchester.

Claims for compensation for medical negligence were made following a range of complaints about negligent treatment.  Some of the instances of clinical negligence claims are :

A surgeon failed to remove pieces of swab from an incision, following an operation to remove a cancerous tumour.  This resulted in the patient developing an infection which necessitated a further operation.

A vasectomy was incorrectly performed, and a second procedure resulted in the patient sustaining nerve damage.  The vasectomy also failed which resulted in the patient’s wife becoming pregnant.  The pregnancy was subsequently terminated and the wife also made a claim in relation to the psychological damage this caused to her.

A “filshie clip” which is a clip used to seal the fallopian tube in sterilisation procedures was dropped and left in situ inside the patient, which resulted in the patient becoming pregnant shortly after.

A child sustained brain damage because of errors in the management of the pregnancy which resulted in visual impairment and developmental delay in the child.

A patient was treated with botox injections to the right shoulder, however it was subsequently discovered that the injection had been given to the wrong patient.

There was a delay in diagnosis of a patient who developed sepsis after being treated for liver damage and jaundice. The patient subsequently died.

A patient underwent a fracture repair operation which was previously cancelled twice before.  After the operation, the patient’s condition deteriorated and subsequently died.

David Hawkins, a Medical Negligence Lawyer, at Verisona Law said ”Our NHS does an incredible job for the millions of us who rely on them, but sometimes things go wrong which are wholly avoidable.  When they do it can knock our faith in the NHS, but it is important to remember that patients who have received negligent medical treatment have the right to redress when the standard of care we expect lets us down.”

If anyone has been affected by negligent medical treatment, such as cancer misdiagnosis, or medical injuries caused by a traumatic birth (for example, cerebral palsy) or a botched sterilisation or vasectomy, our team of experienced medical negligence lawyers are here to provide help and advice as to whether a claim for compensation can be made.


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