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On behalf of our Haut de la Garenne clients we express our grave concern at the announcement made yesterday, by Senator Terry Le Sueur, as now reported in the Jersey media, that there is not to be a public enquiry into the historic abuse allegations, whether at Haut de la Garenne or anywhere else. Senator Walker had previously stated there was to be a public enquiry. Accordingly, without a satisfactory explanation as to yesterday’s decision not to hold such an enquiry, the Haut de la Garenne victims are justifiably both surprised and concerned by this latest turn of events. Whilst many of those victims have been able to give evidence in criminal proceedings, and so had the opportunity to tell their stories, that is only part of the tragic history, much of which remains to be told. Other victims have not been so fortunate, and had rightly anticipated that they would have been able to have given their accounts at the public enquiry previously promised. It can only be right that they are able to do so, and indeed it is difficult to see, let alone understand, how those stories can now be told in the absence of a public enquiry. It must surely be in the in the interests of all, that those who witnessed or were affected by those terrible events are able to give their account, and that their experiences are acknowledged, not just for their sake, but also for society as a whole. If you require any further information please contact: Alan Collins – Solicitor Verisona Solicitors & Advocates 64 West Street Havant Hants PO9 1PA Tel: 023 9249 2472 Fax: 023 9249 2462 Email: alc@verisona.com

Lisa has more than 20 years’ experience of dealing with Personal Injury matters ranging from road traffic accidents to workplace injury and liability. She offers a sympathetic and professional approach to her clients’ problems and advises on funding options (including insurance and Conditional Fee Agreements.)

Her extensive knowledge of the Civil Procedure Rules, skills in evidence gathering and analysis of liability and causation, and experience in risk assessment and settlement negotiation make her a valuable asset to clients and colleagues alike.

She is also a member of Verisona Law’s Historic Abuse Team and undertakes documentary analysis, work relating to case evidence and the development of legal arguments to secure successful settlements. She is fluent in German and Persian.

Lisa also has experience in Civil Litigation regarding Debt Recovery, Breach of Contract, and Insolvency Law.

Client testimonials

"Lovely, friendly, great people. Very understanding too and very good at what they do. Very happy with the result, many thanks again Lisa and everyone involved in my case."

"I would like to express my profound heartfelt gratitude to Lisa Gafarov for all her hard work and understanding when representing me. She fought passionately for my case for two years.

Within this time, never once did I feel it was about the money for her. She was very considerate and dealt with many personal matters in a caring and professional way. It was a very sensitive case but she put in a lot of hard work and went the extra mile each time. Her wide range of expertise was indispensable during this difficult time. Because of this I trusted all her advice and as a result, this took a lot of pressure off of me.

She managed to reach a very amicable conclusion between the defendants and myself. You don’t know how much your passion impacts the lives of others. For this I am forever grateful. I would recommend your firm a hundred times over."
Anonymous, April 2019

Lisa studied ‘Contract Law, European Law and Employment Law’ as part of her degree in BA (Hons) Business Administration. She has also studied other business subjects, including accounting.

Having completed her degree, Lisa started work for Verisona Law in November 1999 in the Personal Injury department as a Trainee Litigation Clerk and since then has developed extensive skills in relation to personal injury litigation and case preparation.

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Accidents at work
  • Slip and trip claims
  • Occupier’s liability claims
  • Product Liability claims
  • Industrial disease claims
  • Work related upper limb disorder claims
  • Clinical negligence, including amputation claims
  • Cosmetic surgery claims
  • Abuse claims

"Thank you for all your much appreciated hard work. I will truly never forget your kindness towards me. Your patience, respect and understanding at all times was beyond words. The sincere compassion shown meant more to me than words could ever express. This firm will forever hold a special place in my heart."


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