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The perils of plastic at sea

The recent reports of a young whale found dead on the southern Spanish coast as a result of the ingestion of 64 pounds of discarded nets, ropes and other plastic waste illustrates the growing seriousness of sea pollution. Verisona Law’s marine specialist, Tim Reynolds, examines the issue through his personal experience.

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Brexit and the Yachtsman

Queries obviously are raised as to what effect the potential departure from the EU may have upon the average English yachtsman.  In the most part, the principal impact of the EU has been to harmonise standards (Recreational Craft Directives and the Icomia Standards being a classic example of the benefits of an EU/International body addressing such issues).

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Storm Warnings

With the recent dramatic passing of Storm Imogen it was interesting to note at least two large cruisers firmly wedged against the high water springs point in Bosham Channel a couple of days back indicating either that their mooring had parted or that they had dragged their ground tackle such was the strength of the wind even in the comparative shelter of Chichester Harbour. Fortunately both were promptly retrieved on the next tide, hopefully without damage.

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