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Top 5 new year tips for businesses

For many business owners, the beginning of a New Year is a time to give thought to ambitions and objectives for the year ahead, and with an uncertain political and economic climate in 2017, never has there been a more important time to ensure your business is robust enough to achieve its goals. When thinking about the next twelve months, here are the Top 5 legal issues we believe you need to consider:

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Dress Code at Work: High Standards, not Heels

Nicola Thorp has caused a media sensation after setting up a petition to the government, demanding ‘women have the option to wear flat formal shoes at work’. The inspiration for the petition, which claims current laws are ‘outdated and sexist’, is a result of an incident last December when the 27 year old refused to wear high heels for a nine-hour shift on her first day as a corporate receptionist, and was subsequently dismissed.
So what should companies take into consideration when thinking about their employees’ appearance?

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