Benedictine Monk

The Benedictine Monks ran both Carlekemp School and Fort Augustus Abbey School between 1948 and 1981.

In January 2012, Richard White, a monk and teacher at the Schools was jailed for five years having pleaded guilty to five counts of indecent assault and two of gross indecency with a boy.

In May 2017, Father Michael “Benedict” Seed, a former house master, headmaster and chemistry teacher at Forth Augustus was found guilty of assaulting a pupil.

In 2018 Father Paul Moore was jailed for nine years for sexually abusing three children and a student priest.

In 2021, former monk Father Chry Alex, also known as Father Dennis Alexander, pleaded guilty to child sexual abuse.  The offences took place at Fort Augustus.

The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry looked into both Carlekemp and Fort Augustus Abbey School and it found that children at the schools suffered sexual, physical and emotional abuse, with some monks being “serial sexual predators”.

A representative for the English Benedictine Congregation later told the Inquiry the religious order offered an “unreserved apology” to everyone affected by the abuse.  The congregation said it accepted that the children had been “robbed” of their childhoods and the schools had caused lasting damage.