Will your name come out if you claim?

The most recent estimates suggest that 1400 girls have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of vicious gangs in Rotherham. Many say they were beaten and intimidated.

Doubtless many were too scared to come forward and it remains to be seen how many others will tell their stories, now that the truth is beginning to come out.

Nothing can undo what has happened, but there is a good chance that a civil claim would be successful, against the perpetrators or against the local authority where social workers had failed to protect the young people who were being abused and were under their care.

Protecting your anonymity

If you suffered child abuse you have a right to full anonymity. By law, the media cannot disclose your identity and it will not appear on court documents that the public can see.

The vast majority of cases are settled out of court, but given the past intimidation, you would be able to give any evidence asked for out of sight or even from another location, with your voice disguised.

Because of this it is unlikely the perpetrator or their associates would ever discover your identity.

It is important to make sure your Solicitor has high security standards. For example, we shred all paper records before disposal and we have strict confidentiality procedures.

Getting justice

The perpetrator or perpetrators may or may not have any money to pay you compensation. This is something we would investigate before bringing a claim against them.

There may be other parties you could claim from, such as local authorities or any organisation that was legally responsible for your safety at the time.

Failing this, the Government has a compensation fund for victims of crime. To qualify, you must help the police with their investigations and be able to support your allegations with the basic facts.

If you have suffered abuse and would like to discuss your situation, please call us in confidence and we can look at the options with you, without any cost or obligation.

Charles has considerable specialist experience in pursuing claims for compensation for those who have been abused in childhood. His specific expertise means that he is recognised locally, nationally and internationally for his work which has taken him all over the world including, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

He is also recognised for his significant involvement in the high profile litigation against St Georges School (Anglemoss Limited) and Cyntwell High School. These cases involved a staggering number of individuals who pursued those responsible whom despite heavily defending the claims brought against them settled by way of out of court settlements.

Charles regularly features in local and national press and he is often asked to provide his professional opinion and commentary on relevant abuse law issues and developments on radio and television broadcasts. Such broadcasts include BBC South Today, BBC Wales, ITV and ITN News.

You can follow Charles on Twitter and Facebook.

Charles obtained his Law degree at Kingston University, before successfully completing his Legal Practice Course. He trained and qualified with Verisona Law beginning his specialism in the field of child abuse claims. He received his higher rights of Audience in 2012 making him one of the youngest Solicitor-Advocates in the country who is able to represent his clients in the High Court. Charles is head of the abuse team who collectively have secured compensation for hundreds of victims of abuse.

He began diversifying in to other aspects of abuse law and his team are one of the very few in the country who specialise in claims against social services.

He is involved in complex group action litigation and also represents a number of individuals and who are pursuing private companies, local authorities and perpetrators in pursuit of their justice.

Charles has strong contacts with some of the most prominent barristers who advise on abuse claims including a number of QC’s. He also has robust connections with highly qualified expert witnesses he instructs in support of those who he represents.

  • Child abuse claims
  • Claims against social services
  • Complex/Catastrophic Clinical Negligence claims



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