When breast implants go wrong

The PIP breast implant litigation made national headlines and we were one of the Law firms involved in bringing claims against the practitioners, distributors and credit providers involved.

It was a worrying, difficult and in some cases devastating time for the women we acted for and showed exactly why excellent service should be at the heart of what any law firm does.

As well as dealing with the technicalities of the cases, we were able to assist with important advice and support for those undergoing operations to remove defective implants.

We were also able to deal with most of the paperwork and negotiations, reducing the stress for victims at a difficult time.

Unfortunately due to some clinics going into administration, not all claims were successful, but we certainly pushed as far and as hard as possible to get results for those who had been left suffering, acting on a no win no fee basis in most cases.

If you have a problem with breast implants

Over 8,000 people a year have breast implants and inevitably problems will arise for some, whether due to faulty products or poor treatment from clinics or surgeons.

These cases can be complicated, but we have an excellent network of barristers, polymer experts and manufacturing professionals to complement our own knowledge and help us find the truth.

If you believe you have a claim the first thing we will do is discuss the situation with you. With your permission we will also request your notes and maybe have an independent expert review them.

Following this we can advise you on whether we think you have a case and if so whom we will pursue for damages. This can often be on a no-win/no-fee basis if you have a good case.

If you are thinking of implants…

Any surgical procedure has risks so take your time to choose the right surgeon and clinic for your breast implants.

It is easy to produce glossy literature or web pages, so never be taken in. Ask your GP for recommendations, Google the surgeon and clinic, ask for detailed information and generally ask around.

Listen to your instincts too. If you feel uneasy about anything when choosing a provider, walk away.

There is one other precaution you can take which could at least make gaining compensation easier if things did go wrong – and that is to pay for any private surgery with a credit card.

In one case we successfully claimed against the credit provider under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, for a full refund and for damages to pay for physical and psychological injuries.

Sometimes it can pay to be a little creative!

If you would like to discuss your case with us, in confidence and without obligation, please contact us.

Road Traffic accidents

  • Simple Whiplash rear end shunt claims to complex claims involving paraplegia.
  • Fatal accident claims.

Accidents At Work

  • Personal injuries suffered during the course of employment
  • Manual handling operations injuries
  • Slips and trips
  • Work related upper limb disorders
  • Mesothelioma & asbestosis claims.

Public Liability & Occupier’s Liability

  • Claims against councils and others where injuries have been sustained i.e. slips and trips
  • Injuries sustained in public places i.e. children’s parks/playgrounds and shops
  • Sporting injuries sustained in public or private grounds
  • Dog bite & dangerous horse injuries
  • Injuries on club premises
  • Injuries caused by independent contractors
  • Injuries in schools, injuries in swimming pools
  • Injuries in prisons
  • Claims against neighbours regarding defective premises causing injury
  • Public utilities liability.

Landlord & tenant, private/local authority

  • Housing disrepair claims

Product Liability

  • Defective electrical equipment, defective vehicle, defective drug/medication, defective chemical products, food poisoning due to defective packaging are examples.

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