Taking that first step to justice

For many, recalling abuse suffered as a child is distressing and the thought of having to go through it all again for the sake of a claim puts many people off.

With the right team behind you however, it is possible to get justice and with it the support you need to move on.

Speaking to a solicitor for the first time can seem a daunting step. Some of our clients had never told anyone about their abuse until they met us to discuss their claim.

In our experience, people often find the first meeting easier if it is held at a time and place that puts them at ease. This could be home, a friend’s house, a public place or the solicitor’s office.

We cover many miles each year for this reason and are happy to do the same for you.

Choosing a Solicitor

It is important to appoint a solicitor you feel comfortable with. Are they experienced in abuse cases? Will they handle your entire case? Will they listen to what you want? Are they discrete?

As specialist abuse solicitors we have helped many people through the journey and we will use that experience to help you prepare for, and get through, that first meeting.

Here are a few questions we are often asked at the first meeting, with some brief answers:

Do I have a case?

This depends on the circumstances and we will weigh up your prospects in detail before we talk you through your options.


What will your services cost?

We will estimate the fees for you and may be able to offer you a no-win no-fee arrangement. See costs article.

Will the police be told?

We will not inform anyone, including the authorities.

Will I have to stand up in court?

Potentially, yes, but the majority of compensation cases are settled before they reach court - and there are strong laws to protect your identity if you do give evidence.

Who else will find out?

We are very strict on confidentiality down to the smallest details, including how we leave messages and dispose of waste paper.

Is it too late to make a claim?

There is a time limit for bringing compensation cases, but there are exemptions that often apply in the field of abuse.

For a confidential discussion, speak to our experienced child abuse solicitor, Charles Derham, or email him via crd@verisonalaw.com

Below is a selection of organisations/instutions/bodies we are frequently instructed to pursue.


  • Private schools, boarding schools, local authority schools, closed schools, hospital schools.


  • The Scouts Association, St Johns Ambulance, MIND, the Children’s Society, Barnados.

Private companies

  • Football trainers, judo teachers, dance instructors, swimming instructors, holiday activity centres, nurseries, youth clubs.

Local Authorities/Ministry of Defence

  • County Councils, Borough Councils, City Councils, ILEA, cadets, navy/ army (forces).

National Health Service Trusts/Commissioning Boards/GPs

  • Hospitals, Disability care centres, children’s care providers.


  • Convicted perpetrators, acquitted perpetrators.

Children’s Homes

  • Respite care, full time children’s home, part-time children’s homes.

Religious Institutions

  • Roman Catholic Church, United Synagogue, Sisters of Nazareth, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Brothers Order.

Foster Carers

  • Permanent carers, temporary carers

Make an