Suarez: would a personal injury claim have teeth?

Liverpool and Uruguay footballing ‘genius’ Luis Suarez has once again been courting controversy, this time by biting Italian national player Giorgio Chiellini during a World Cup match.

After several days of denial the player has admitted the offence and apologised to Giorgio Chiellini, who has graciously accepted and suggested we all move on.

But what if???

According to NHS Choices, bites can on rare occasions lead to secondary complications such as blood poisoning, tetanus, meningitis, endocarditis and post traumatic stress disorder.

Such conditions would certainly prevent an athlete from competing and could well prove career-ending, leading to a loss of earnings and life opportunities.

The sports field offers no immunity from criminal prosecution, nor from a civil claim for personal injury. Factoring in loss of earnings, Mr Suarez and his insurers could have been facing a large bill.

Of course international legal jurisdictions may have complicated matters in this case, but if you are playing in the UK, as a professional or amateur, you could certainly make a claim.

At Verisona Law we have a specialist team that handles personal injury work. If you have been seriously harmed while playing and someone was at fault, they can handle the matter for you.

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