Registering a trademark: don’t let someone else trade on your good name

Your company name and logo instantly set you apart from the competition and will become increasingly valuable as your business and reputation grow.

Whether you are a professional services firm or a band, it is important to register your unique identity as a trademark with the Intellectual Property Office.

This can help you to stop people from blatantly stealing your logo, copying it or associating your brand with theirs, for example by including your logo on their products or marketing literature without agreement.

A trade mark can be a word or a logo or a combination of the two and it must be distinctive to be registered. You can get protection for your mark in the UK, EU or worldwide.

Your registration must be in relation to the goods or services you provide. You cannot protect your mark for ‘everything’ but you can for the classes in which you trade.

There is a variety of legal and business issues to consider when you register a mark, so it is a good idea to consult an Intellectual Property Solicitor.

Trade mark registrations, oppositions and renewals

  • advice on registering your company name or logo strengthening your brand
  • transfers of title
  • infringement and passing-off procedures
  • revocation actions and challenges to validity

Patents and protection of inventions

  • advice on registering your invention and protecting your know-how

Copyright and designs

  • advice in relation to the protection and licensing of copyright and designs
  • registration of design rights

Commercial agreements that will release the value of your IP

  • advising developers, licensors and licensees
  • joint ventures
  • research and development
  • data sharing

Confidence and trade secrets

  • drafting of non-disclosure agreements
  • taking injunctive action

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