Rebuilding your life after a personal injury

A serious injury can bring a whole series of problems with it, financial and otherwise, that simply applying for compensation will not solve.

In the split second an injury takes, life can radically change…

Suddenly you are unable to work. Managing stairs at home might become impossible. Your ability to organise your life might be undermined, just when you need to organise things the most.

You might qualify for financial and practical support from the state, but this can involve a great deal of form filling and contact with the various agencies involved – which takes time.

Little wonder then, that when we meet many of our more seriously injured clients, they do not know where to turn.

Getting you back on track

As part of a broad-based Law firm there are lots of things we can do to help you in addition to making your compensation claim. When it comes to serious injuries we know our way around the system.

Here are some of things we can help you:-

  • ORGANISING TREATMENT: we can help you get the treatment you need, using our network of contacts in the public and private sectors.
  • REHABILITATION: we can get things moving with the relevant services if you need specialist equipment, to adapt your home or to move to more suitable accommodation.
  • WELFARE BENEFITS: we have a good understanding of benefits available to you and the rules around them. We can apply on your behalf.
  • INTERIM PAYMENTS: as soon as the other party admits liability for your injuries we can press them for an urgent interim payment to stabilise your finances.
  • FINANCIAL ADVICE: from dealing with debt problems or bankruptcy to investing your compensation payment, we have, or know, experts who can help.
  • EMPLOYMENT ADVICE: if you are unable to work because of your injury we can work with your employer to make sure you get everything to which you are entitled under your contract.
  • OPTIONS: helping injured people is what we do and often we can offer solutions that you would not otherwise think of. This can often mark the start of a new, brighter chapter.

What does all this cost?

Our initial consultation, where we review your case, is always free and without obligation. You will have a far better idea of where you stand by the end of the meeting.

If we believe you have a strong claim, we can offer you a range of payment options, including no-win / no-fee, nothing to pay until you receive your compensation, and instalments.

We will give you a written estimate before we start and may be able to work for a guaranteed fixed fee, depending on your case.

Road Traffic accidents

  • Simple Whiplash rear end shunt claims to complex claims involving paraplegia.
  • Fatal accident claims.

Accidents At Work

  • Personal injuries suffered during the course of employment
  • Manual handling operations injuries
  • Slips and trips
  • Work related upper limb disorders
  • Mesothelioma & asbestosis claims.

Public Liability & Occupier’s Liability

  • Claims against councils and others where injuries have been sustained i.e. slips and trips
  • Injuries sustained in public places i.e. children’s parks/playgrounds and shops
  • Sporting injuries sustained in public or private grounds
  • Dog bite & dangerous horse injuries
  • Injuries on club premises
  • Injuries caused by independent contractors
  • Injuries in schools, injuries in swimming pools
  • Injuries in prisons
  • Claims against neighbours regarding defective premises causing injury
  • Public utilities liability.

Landlord & tenant, private/local authority

  • Housing disrepair claims

Product Liability

  • Defective electrical equipment, defective vehicle, defective drug/medication, defective chemical products, food poisoning due to defective packaging are examples.

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