Pursuing a personal injury claim for a relative

If your child or a family member has been seriously injured and is unable to manage their own affairs, the law allows for family members to make a personal injury claim on their behalf.

To do so you may have to apply to the Court of Protection to be made a ‘Deputy’ if you do not hold a Lasting Power of Attorney. This is a complicated business and it is best to use a Solicitor.

There are various routes to gaining compensation, depending on the case. We could claim for you against a negligent defendant, a convicted attacker or from a Government Compensation Scheme.

Time limits apply for bringing cases to Court and these are quite complicated, so take advice and start things moving as quickly as you feel able.

Your wider needs

We would hope that your loved one recovered, but if their injuries were long-term and life-changing we would make sure that this was properly reflected in the compensation awarded.

Payments can be very considerable in the most serious cases and many families find it difficult to manage the money.

As a broad-based law firm we look at every family’s circumstances individually and have experts at the firm who can help you, for example, set up and manage a compensation trust fund.

If the other party admits liability we can also secure interim payments to help fund treatment, rehabilitation or the equipping of a suitable home while final compensation is agreed.

It is a tough time when someone close to you is seriously injured. Our friendly, experienced lawyers are here to help.

Road Traffic accidents

  • Simple Whiplash rear end shunt claims to complex claims involving paraplegia.
  • Fatal accident claims.

Accidents At Work

  • Personal injuries suffered during the course of employment
  • Manual handling operations injuries
  • Slips and trips
  • Work related upper limb disorders
  • Mesothelioma & asbestosis claims.

Public Liability & Occupier’s Liability

  • Claims against councils and others where injuries have been sustained i.e. slips and trips
  • Injuries sustained in public places i.e. children’s parks/playgrounds and shops
  • Sporting injuries sustained in public or private grounds
  • Dog bite & dangerous horse injuries
  • Injuries on club premises
  • Injuries caused by independent contractors
  • Injuries in schools, injuries in swimming pools
  • Injuries in prisons
  • Claims against neighbours regarding defective premises causing injury
  • Public utilities liability.

Landlord & tenant, private/local authority

  • Housing disrepair claims

Product Liability

  • Defective electrical equipment, defective vehicle, defective drug/medication, defective chemical products, food poisoning due to defective packaging are examples.

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