Property & Finance Attorney under Lasting Power of Attorney

How do I act for a relative who is self-isolating?

Following the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the government has advised that anyone with symptoms of the virus should self-isolate for 7 days (16th March 2020). More information about the symptoms and what to do can be found on the government website.

If you are a Property & Finance attorney under a Lasting Power of Attorney for a friend or relative, you can act on their behalf and ensure they stay on top of their finances and bills, should they need to self-isolate. Giving them peace of mind and avoiding any unnecessary health risks.

To act as an attorney, your friend or relative will need to have made and registered a Property & Finance Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). Being an attorney will enable you to access their bank and utility accounts as if they were your own, and you will be able to make payments and transfer money, as and when it is needed.

How do I act as an attorney?

Firstly, you will need to collect the original LPA document or a certified copy; this could be stored by the solicitor who completed it, or at home with the donor (the person who has taken out the LPA). We suggest you obtain a certified copy because if the original is misplaced – the document is no longer valid. You will need to provide the original or certified copy LPA the banks and other institutions to prove that you have authority to act.

You will need to contact the donor’s bank/utility provider to see what proof of identification they require from you – the attorney. Once all documentation has been provided you will have full access to the donor’s accounts for their benefit, as if they were your own.

If you have any questions regarding your Property & Finance LPA, or would like to set one up for a loved one, then please contact us on 02392 98 1000 or email

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  • Preparing and Registering a Health and Welfare Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Help for dependents of people without Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • General (Ordinary) Powers of Attorney
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“If it had not been for the EPA I would have had real problems even discussing my mother’s affairs with banks, investment companies, government departments and care providers, much less paying her bills from her account.

“Being able to supply copies of the EPA to the various parties meant they would speak to me and act on my instructions. Without it I would have had to pursue a long, complicated and expensive legal process – at a very difficult time personally.

“I would absolutely recommend planning ahead and making an LPA. It could make a huge difference to your loved ones.”


"We have now received all of the information for the deputyship. We are delighted with the outcome. I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for your work and support. It was a difficult thing for us due to the circumstances, but you made it easy and that really helped.

Thank you also for the settlement of the account, we are very grateful. I have friends who have Autistic children and adults I will recommend you in the future".


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