PPI claims for deceased relations

Did you know that the latest date to submit a PPI claim is the 29th August 2019? This cut-off date also applies to claims for deceased relations.

A relative may have been miss-sold PPI whilst sorting out their affairs and you may be eligible to claim on their behalf.

PPI was included as standard by several credit providers in a number of different products such as:

  • loans – personal, business, student loans and home improvement loans
  • credit cards
  • store cards – particularly high street stores
  • catalogue credit
  • mortgages – including second charge mortgages
  • loans secured on your home in addition to your mortgage
  • overdrafts
  • car finance or something else bought on credit, such as a sofa – this may have been called a ‘finance agreement’ or ‘hire purchase’
  • home shopping accounts – this includes a catalogue account

If you know your relative had purchased any of the above products, you may be eligible to claim money back on their behalf, but only before the 29th August.

For information regarding this, we would refer you to the Financial Conduct Authority https://www.fca.org.uk/ppi/

This link may also assist you https://blog.moneysavingexpert.com/2019/07/martin-lewis–how-to-urgently-reclaim-ppi-for-a-deceased-relativ


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“If it had not been for the EPA I would have had real problems even discussing my mother’s affairs with banks, investment companies, government departments and care providers, much less paying her bills from her account.

“Being able to supply copies of the EPA to the various parties meant they would speak to me and act on my instructions. Without it I would have had to pursue a long, complicated and expensive legal process – at a very difficult time personally.

“I would absolutely recommend planning ahead and making an LPA. It could make a huge difference to your loved ones.”


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