Mourinho sacking: Plummeting from the Premiership

It has been just seven months since Chelsea Football Club won the Premier League and no doubt if you’d asked any fan in the midst of those celebrations, none would have predicted that Jose Mourinho, then-manager of Chelsea FC, would find himself out of a job by Christmas – but that is exactly what has happened.

Since the start of the season in August, Chelsea’s performance has been frequently documented in the press as less than desirable and far from the performance deserved of the Premier League crown. Even the closest and most loyal follower of the Club couldn’t have ignored the scores, which spoke for themselves as the Club plummeted down the Premier League table.

Roman Abramovich, Chelsea Football Club’s owner, will no doubt have been scratching his head over Mourinho’s performance and how he was going to save his Club from sinking into the relegation zone. Some fans have criticised Abramovich for delaying the sacking, but perhaps it was Mourinho’s previous record of leading a few teams to different League victories in four different countries, including Porto, Real Madrid and Inter Milan as well as Chelsea. This well-oiled reputation will have no doubt bought him some time, but finally, 17th December was Mourinho’s last day at the office.

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