Modified purchase paperwork: are there unintended consequences?

Purchase paperwork comes in many forms, but principally we are all used to the British Marine Federation standard form document and the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association version. 

Both of these agreements have their limitations, and anyone involved in a high value transaction or one where particular needs and expectations of the vessel are  paramount to the decision to proceed, should sensibly insist upon the use of their own version, suitably modified to address their needs. 

Brokers, often for the best of intentions, tend to modify these standard agreements for their own purposes, failing to perhaps appreciate the significance of the changes, but on occasion deliberately doing so to trap the unwary. 

These modifications can give rise to profound and unexpected problems, and this needlessly frustrates what may otherwise be entirely happy transactions.  Reputable brokers are very aware of this and will be open to sensible negotiation and modification of their contractual terms. 

Those who do not, and decline any alteration however logical or harmless, on the basis that their agreements are sacrosanct, do themselves and their vendor/clients no favours.

  • Technical construction disputes.
  • Contractual disputes.
  • Marine conveyancing.
  • Title disputes.
  • Salvage and towage.
  • Recreational Craft Directive/Maritime and Coastguard Agency compliance.
  • Marine related personal injury and fatalities.
  • Specialist marine new build/rebuild/conversion agreements.
  • Marine distribution, agency and specialist services contract preparation.
  • Outflagging, ownership vehicles and registration issues.
  • VAT procedures and disputes.
  • Ships Title investigation.
  • Marine Brokerage, Surveying and Mortgage and Insurance disputes.

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