How personal injury compensation claims are calculated

There is quite a science behind calculating personal injury compensation claims.

We base the figures on the pain and financial losses you have suffered and on the impact of the injury, for example on your lifestyle and long-term ability to work or take care of yourself.

A publication from the Judicial College (JC Guidelines), provides rough valuations for each type of personal injury. These will be in a range to allow for individual circumstances. They are a widely recognised starting point.

We also examine other, comparable cases and awards made to support claims, as these are a reliable indication of how the Courts view different injuries, but any past awards would also be updated for inflation and changes in legislation affecting award levels.

Expert opinion is important in settling claims. Independent doctors will evaluate your injury. A Health & Safety expert might give evidence on an employers’ level of blame for an accident.

The final compensation figure is then reached on one of two ways: by negotiation and agreement ‘out of court’ with the defendant; or by a judge in Court.

Road Traffic accidents

  • Simple Whiplash rear end shunt claims to complex claims involving paraplegia.
  • Fatal accident claims.

Accidents At Work

  • Personal injuries suffered during the course of employment
  • Manual handling operations injuries
  • Slips and trips
  • Work related upper limb disorders
  • Mesothelioma & asbestosis claims.

Public Liability & Occupier’s Liability

  • Claims against councils and others where injuries have been sustained i.e. slips and trips
  • Injuries sustained in public places i.e. children’s parks/playgrounds and shops
  • Sporting injuries sustained in public or private grounds
  • Dog bite & dangerous horse injuries
  • Injuries on club premises
  • Injuries caused by independent contractors
  • Injuries in schools, injuries in swimming pools
  • Injuries in prisons
  • Claims against neighbours regarding defective premises causing injury
  • Public utilities liability.

Landlord & tenant, private/local authority

  • Housing disrepair claims

Product Liability

  • Defective electrical equipment, defective vehicle, defective drug/medication, defective chemical products, food poisoning due to defective packaging are examples.

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