Has the time come for ‘No Fault Divorce’?

Adultery. Desertion. Unreasonable behaviour. These are all grounds to grant a divorce if one party doesn’t agree. But what about unhappiness? Depression? Exhaustion? Head of Family Law at Verisona Law, Andrea Cox, asks if we are now in need of a ‘No Fault Divorce’?

This month saw the Appeal Court refuse the plea from Mrs Tini Owens to be freed from her 39 year marriage to her husband, Mr Hugh Owens. Despite citing intolerable conduct, separate bedrooms and her having had an affair outside the marriage, the Judge hearing the case, Sir James Munby, ruled that Mr Owens’ objection to the divorce meant that it could not be granted.

He said, ‘Parliament has declared that it is not a ground for divorce that you find yourself in a wretchedly unhappy marriage’, before adding ‘though some people may say it should be.’

Mrs Owens turned to the Appeal Court after a family court in Oxford barred her from divorce last year. The 66 year old claimed her husband was insensitive, undermined her and left her feeling unappreciated and without trust. Mr Owens, 78, responded by saying her forgave his wife for a ‘misguided fling’ in 2012 and claimed she was ‘more sensitive than most wives’.

It now looks like Mrs Owens will have to wait for five years before she can petition for divorce regardless of her husband’s objections, but the reminder of a law which is deemed by many to be outdated, insensitive and without compassion has caused some in the legal profession to demand a review of the grounds for divorce.

In the case of the Owens, there can be no doubt that this relationship has irretrievably broken down. One can only speculate as to why Mr Owens is refusing to grant the end of his marriage – perhaps his wife is asking for a large share of the £5 million mushroom farm he built up? Maybe he is blocking her wishes out of spite? Maybe he still loves his companion of the past 40 years and can’t bear to let her go?

Whatever the reason, five years is a long time to wait at their stage of life and the broader question is whether simply not wanting to be in a marriage anymore is a good enough reason for its dissolution?

Many people would argue that being locked into a legally binding arrangement and waiting to be free from it for years is a cruel and unnecessary punishment that needs to be modernised. Others believe that such a difficulty helps enforce the sanctity and respect for the institution of marriage.

One thing I can tell you from experience is a contested divorce petition never makes for a happy living situation. Life is short, so we could either review the term of five years before a petition can be submitted, or simply make a ‘No Fault Divorce’ part of our legal landscape.

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Divorce or Civil Partnership Dissolution

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Divorce where Business are involved

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In addition to being able to provide specialised advice in relation to Public Sector pensions our team at Verisona Law has vast knowledge concerning all pension arrangements and can ensure that they are dealt with appropriately within any divorce proceedings. Please seek advice from a member of our team.

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Assisting through Mediation

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Property Disputes

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Collaborative Law

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We at Verisona Law can provide you with advice and guidance concerning any disputes you may have relating to your child. This may be with whom the child lives, with whom the child spends time with, a specific issue concerning a child or steps that you wish to take to prevent something happening (Prohibited Steps Order). We can also advise you in relation to maintenance disputes with a third party guidance with dealing with the Child Maintenance Service. If you have a query with any issue concerning your child please contact a member of our team.

Change of Name

Please contact a member of our team if you are interested in changing your first or surname to discuss the drafting of a Change of Name Deed. We offer a fixed price for a Change of Name and we can provide you with further information upon request.

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